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Venom Core Athletics Co-Ed Indoor Volleyball Rules

*Players are requested to show up 15 minutes early before games to stretch*

6 V 6 games


  • 4 males maximum on court

  • 1 female minimum on court

  • No gender rule for hits per side

Provided by Venom Core Athletics

  • A ref will be present at each match.

  • A game ball will be provided by Venom Core Athletics.


  • If a team does not have the minimum number of players 15 minutes after the designated start time, the entire match will be forfeited.

  • All teams make the playoffs at the end of the season (unless you forfeit 2 or more times).

  • Teams will forfeit 1 set for every 10 minutes past the designated start time that they do not have the legal number of players.

  • If a team does not have the minimum number of players present 15 minutes after the designated start time, the entire match will be forfeited and the team that is present will be declared the winner.

  • Day of forfeits will be charged a $100 fee that must be paid in full before being eligible to play next game. 24-48-hour forfeits may be assessed a small fee.

Scoring/Playing Rules

  • The teams will play best 2 out of 3 sets.

  • The first two games play to 25 points.

  • If a third game is necessary, it will be played to 15 points.

  • The Team Captains will use rock-paper-scissors to determine the choice of serving first or choosing a side for the first game.

  • The player in the back-right position of the court for each rotation will be expected to serve. The serve must be served from behind the line.

  • Overhand and underhand serves are allowed.

  • If the ball is served into the net, and it goes over, it is considered a legal serve.

  • The serve can be returned with a pass or a set. The serve cannot be blocked.

  • When serving the ball, the player has 8 seconds to contact the ball before the point is rewarded to the opposing team.

  • Teams will switch sides for the second game and the team who did not serve to start the first game shall serve to start the second game.

  • A maximum of three consecutive contacts per side after a serve or block attempt (during the play) can return the ball.

  • A block attempt is not considered a contact.

  • No player may hit the ball twice in a row, except after a block.

  • Back row players can’t spike in front of the 10-foot line

  • You can block and then proceed to make a legal hit/pass/set in a row.

  • We will not be playing with liberoes.

  • The net cannot be touched at any time during the game, unless a ball or person driven into the net causes the contact, or the contact has no effect on the play. 

  • Teams are allowed an unlimited number of substitutions per match.

  • Team members must rotate on the court and remain in that position until the serve has been contacted.

  • If the ball hits the ceiling or sides and doesn’t cross the net, the ball is playable, but if the ball hits the ceiling or sides and does cross the net, the play is considered dead and the point will be rewarded to the opposing team.

  • Minimal net contact or carries is allowed. However, obvious/intentional net contact or carries should be called.

Sportsmanship Rules

  • Players will be expected to follow the Honor System.

  • Staff members will rule on unclear plays, settle disputes, keep the game moving and ensure player safety. While they will at times call a fault, the staff may not always see the error/may disagree with the players. This does not give an excuse for a player not to follow the Honor System.

  • Team captains must be the only players that address concerns to referees and league officials.

  • They are expected to do so in a courteous and respectful manner, and to confine their discussions to interpretations of the rules and not challenge referees’ decisions regarding judgment.

  • Players are expected to comply with the intent and spirit of the rules. Deliberately attempting to violate the rules is unacceptable.

  • All decisions made by referees are final.

  • League officials have the authority to eject anyone before, during and immediately after any match if they feel it is warranted.

Team and Player Expectations

  • All players must be at least 18 years of age prior to participating in any competition.

  • Rosters must include no fewer than 9 players (minimum of 2 women) but may have as many players on the roster as a team chooses with no other restrictions.

  • Each team may have 6 players on the court at one time (2 females, 4 males)

  • During playoffs, you may only use team members on your roster.

  • Players must wear athletic, closed-toed shoes and athletic clothing appropriate to the activity.

Additional Rules

  • Alcohol is not permitted inside the volleyball facility, on the grounds, or any place where prohibited by area rules. Players caught with alcohol will be removed from the facility immediately.

  • If league officials have reason to believe a player is too intoxicated to play, that player will be ejected. They also hold the right to expel any player without refund.

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