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League Registration FAQ:


Am I to young or to old to play in a VCA league?

  • Venom Core offers a selection of sports, all of which offer fun for all ages. The leagues minimum age is 18yrs old so if you are above this age, you are able to play!


Am I skilled enough to play in a VCA league?

  • Most VCA leagues offer A/B divisions so no matter your talent level or age, Venom Core is the place for you.


Can I join with friends and be put on the same team?

  • Of course! If you don’t have enough players to create a full team but you and your friends are still interested in being on the same team, you can put a “small group” together and be placed on a team.

  • Start by registering under the small group registration and create a name for your group.

  • Ask your friends to register using the small group registration, and select your group name.

  • You’re are now ready to go!  We’ll be placing you and your friends on the same team.


I just signed up as a free agent or small group, when will I find out my team info and our teams schedule?

  • Free agent and Small groups are placed on teams and usually finalized 5-10 days before the start of a season.

  • Within a week after registration is closed, You will receive an email/text with your team information, game schedule, & field locations. 

  • In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at

  • Your team will receive a shirt color based off of what’s left after full teams have decided. Team name suggestions may be used.


I want to get involved in all the fun and action going on at Venom Core, how do I sign up?

  • Click on the sports leagues tab and register as a free agent or small group. If you are a full team, sign your team up all at once! Once payment is received you will be placed on an existing team (free agents and small groups) unless you are coming with a team.


Do I have to sign a waiver form or pay anything as a guest fee?

  • All players, including guests have to sign a waiver form before stepping on the court including paying the guest fee of $10 per game.


If I sign up as a Free Agent or Small Group, will I be guaranteed to be placed in the league on a team?

  • We try to get everyone in the league but often times spots are limited. This is first come first serve based off payments. If you have paid and signed up before the next registrant, your chances of being placed on a team are greater.


What happens if I get hurt playing in anything related to Venom Core?

  • Players play at their own risk. Waiver forms must be signed before stepping in any action with Venom Core and we do not provide any type of health care. Our staff carries a first-aid kit at all times to take action when needed. No refunds for injuries as players take on all risk when registering.


Is there a late fee policy? If so, what is it?

  • Yes there is a late fee policy. We want everything in our leagues to run as smoothly as possible which means having a set roster as soon as possible. Additional players signing up after week one will have to pay a late fee of $10, on top of the league fee as well as a processing fee. Needless to say, try to be on time if you play on playing!

  • Team Captains are responsible for collecting everyone’s payment before the league starts and getting that payment over to Venom Core. If the team fee is not paid in full by the start date, the captain (or team) will be charged a 10% late fee each week the team fee is not paid in full.

  • VCA also has the right to forfeit upcoming games until the payment is in and in full.

Team FAQ’s:


Can a player play or be listed on two teams, even if its in two different divisions?

  • We want the league to be fair, this is by NO means allowed. If another team is short players that is the ONLY way that player is allowed to sub in.

  • Players may be kicked out of the league or suspended if not following this rule.

  • Players may be ineligible to play in playoffs if this occurs.


Can I add players to my team? If so, how can I?

  • Additional players can be added up until week three of the league. After week three players are not allowed to be added but may sub in for a max of one game if team is short players.

  • Late fees for adding players after week one will be added to league fee.

  • Please let Venom Core know via email, text or call at 443-536-7701 that you are interested in adding another player. Send over the players info such as Name, Phone number and email and VCA will decided if they are allowed to play.


Is there a roster minimum or maximum number of players?

  • Yes there is, please read over league rules of each sport where they will be listed.


Is my team guaranteed to make playoffs?

  • Each league may very but most of the leagues at VCA offer playoffs for the top 50% of teams.

Game FAQ


How will I be notified of Cancellations or Delays due to weather?


  • We try to hold off as long as possible to get a clear indication if conditions are bad enough to either play in or drive in. As soon as a decision is made, each team, free agent or small group will be notified via email/text about the game cancellation or delay.


If games are cancelled, are they rescheduled and how?

  • If a game is cancelled due to inclement weather, we do everything we can to get the games rescheduled on the same day the league is normally held. However make-up games may be rescheduled on a different league day to keep the season on schedule.

  • Normally, we will either extend the league one week per cancellation and pick up where we left off on the following week, or the cancelled week, depending on the decision made by VCA.

  • In extreme cases, VCA has the right to shorten a season without a refund. This has never happened and we plan to keep it that way. For every two games that become cancelled, the league will shorten one week.


Do we keep score/stats for any sports?

 We post scores, standings and stats for our basketball leagues. For volleyball, we will just post standings.


What happens if our team cant field enough players for a scheduled game?


  • Please read the forfeit policy under each leagues rules.

*Venom Core does not be any means offer a refund policy.

Once your payment is submitted it is final.

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