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Venom Core Athletics Men's Basketball League Rules


Prior to the league starting, normally there will be a mandatory meeting that at least two team representatives need to be at. This has been affected due to covid-19. League commissioner will contact your teams reps via phone or email. Referees will be required to attend meeting as well. This meeting will be for the season standards, including intolerable behavior from teams/players, rules, etc. The top 50% of the league will make playoffs.


  • Teams are required to have a team uniform or matching team shirts through Venom Core Athletics. Teams much wear matching team uniform/team shirt tops every week or player/players not wearing proper uniform will not be able to play. Uniforms not provided by Venom Core Athletics need to have a minimum of team name on front and numbers on back side.

  • Teams are required to have at least eight players on roster, five players on the court at all times or teams will have to forfeit.  

  • All teams are required to sign an injury/liability waiver before enter on the court.

  • All teams are required to sign a covid-19 policy form/zero tolerance form before entering on the court.

  • Teams will not be able to add any new players after the third week of regular season.

  • Teams must sign all forms below to be eligible to participate.

  • Signed Player waiver form:


Covid-19 Policy:

  • Fanless Season

  • Temp check entering the facility.

  • Masks in and out of the Facility

  • Social Distancing 

  • No lingering

  • Max 1 Coach

  • Wipe down chairs after games

  • Be smart

  • Players are asked to bring their own basketball for precaution

  • Follow rules and guidelines presented by facilities, state regulations and Venom Core Athletics.

  • Signed Covid-19 Policy Form:

    Zero Tolerance Policy:

  • No Fighting

  • No Aggressive Behavior Tolerated

  • No Inappropriate Language 


  • Signed zero tolerance policy form:


 Game Rules: 

  • Two 20 Minute Halves.

  • Clock stops the last minute of the first half.

  • Clock stops last two minutes of second half.

  • Each team has 4 timeouts. Can be used at any point of the game.

  • Each Player is allowed 5 Individual Fouls per game.

  • Seven team fouls results in 1 and 1, 10 team fouls results in double bonus.

  • Team Fouls will be carried over into overtime.

  • Team Timeouts will not be carried over into overtime, one time out per team.

  • Overtime is two minutes, stopped clock.

  • Teams may not add additional players after week 3 (If in the case a player was on the roster by roster dealing but was not able to play due to an injury, this is handled accordingly. Injuries are an acceptation but must be reviewed and approved by league commissioner prior to playing.

  • Teams are required to have matching uniforms with official numbers on the back.

  • First Technical, player may be removed from game depending on how bad the situation is. If not severe, players technical will act as a "warning" but the player will receive a common foul plus the technical. 

  • Second Technical, player is removed from the game and will serve a minimal one week suspension. 

  • Any fights involved in the league, player(s) will be immediately removed from the game, and will not be allowed in any Venom Core Athletic events. Players may be fined.

  • All teams are required five players on the court at all time, if any player(s) do not have uniform they will not be allowed to play. If your team does not have five players, they may be forced to forfeit that week. Teams may start with four players at the commissioners discretion. 

  • If a player gets hurt during the regular season, he may be eligible to play in playoffs if the injury happened after the player plays in at least one game during regular season and listed on the roster before roster deadline. This must be approved by league commissioner before player is able to step on the court. This will only be taken into consideration if player listed as "injured" was told to the league commissioner after the injury occurred. 

  • If any player(s) have not paid by week two, they will not be allowed to play.

  • Substitution will be $10 per game/per player and must sign a waiver before playing and $12 per team shirt.

  • Subs are only allowed to play in one game per sub unless they are added to the roster and played in a game by week three.

  • Players are not allowed to play on another team in the league, unless its before the roster deadline and approved by league commissioner. This will only be approved if a team needs a player to make five. Max one sub per game. 

  • Players must have played a minimum of three games to play in playoffs.

  • Mercy Rule: If at any point in the second half of the game the score gets to 35 points or more the game will result in a mercy rule and the game will end right then. No one likes blowouts. If one team is up by 35 points or more by half time, the game will resume for the second half until the team that is up goes up an additional 10 points on their lead. Once they hit this point the game will end.

  • League schedules are subject to change.


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